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hi-Res900™ Head Mounted Display





The hi-Res900™ headset is compatible with a wide range of computer and video input formats, providing the user with an high quality image (800x600 SVGA) at an affordable price

The hi-Res900™ has an injection moulded body that is built to withstand the most demanding applications, the user friendly 'twist adjustment' headband makes it easy to adjust to all head sizes. Unlike most HMDs the hi-Res series of HMDs combines a full sense of immersion even for people who where eye glasses, so no more tedious adjustment of focus, just put it on your head and your ready to go

Lightweight and compact, the PC-friendly multi-user hi-Res900™ delivers immersive large screen visualisation for a wide range of VR and simulation applications.

The multi-user hi-Res900™, weighs only 650g, delivering superb SVGA images. In addition the InterTrax²™ can be seamlessly integrated inside the shell. But not only the InterTrax, other tracking systems can be integrated upon request.


  • ideal solution for any multi-user enviroment

hi-Res900™ Specifications
Image output 800(H) x 600(v) x 3 (1.44 million pixels)
PC modes SVGA(75Hz), SVGA(72Hz), SVGA(60Hz), VGA(60Hz)
F.o.V. ±31.2 degrees diagonal (Field of View)
Control Functions Brightness
H-position - V-position
External Connectors Power jack
D-sub 15pin (VGA-in)
S-VHS in
RCA video in
Stereo audio in
Power Consumption Approx. 6W (PC mode)
Approx. 5W (AV mode)
Operating temperature 0ºC - 45ºC
Storage temperature 0ºC - 60ºC
Weight Headset Tracked 700g (Incl. InterTrax²™)
Untracked 650g
Weight Control box 180g
InterTrax²™ specifications (if fitted)
Degrees of Freedom 3 (Yaw, Pitch and Roll)
Angular Range Pitch ±80º
Yaw ±180º
Roll ±90º
Maximum Angular Rate ±720º yaw, pitch elevation, ±360º roll
Minimum Angular Rate 3º per second
Internal update rate 256Hz
Internal Latency 4 milliseconds
Angular Resolution 0.02º relative
O/S Compatibility Windows98/2000
H/W Compatibility PC, Workstations, Sony Playstation2™
Interface USB or Serial RS-232
Protocol Compliant with USB HID


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