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hi-Res900 3D


hi-Res900 3D Head Mounted Display





The hi-Res900 3D uses the unique optical system from Daeyang to enlarge images generated by small LCDs.

The hi-Res900 3D now offers you the following 3D functions in one unit:
i.   Interlace mode
ii.  Page Flipping mode
iii. Dual Input mode (separate signals for left and right eye)

It can be connected directly to a variety of video formats such as, PC, DVD player, Video camera, VCR, Game consoles & TV.
Producing a large crisp image equivalent to viewing a 45" screen at 2 meters.

The newly developed 3D display system used in the hi-Res9003D, integrates the various functions in one unit and is capable of showing separate images in to the left and right eye. The 3D system offers you so advanced and clear images by adoption of 0.49" LCoS reflective display panel.


  • ideal solution for any multi-user enviroment

hi-Res900 Specifications
Optics 31.5 degrees field of view per eye
IPD adjustable
45" Virtual Screen at 2 m
Interface SVGA 60, 70, 75 Hz VESA Standard
VGA 60 Hz, DOS mode
NTSC, PAL, SECAM Video signal
3D modes Interlaced 3D mode on PC SVGA
Page Flipping 3D mode for PC VGA & SVGA
Page Flipping 3D mode for Video
Separate input mode for PC (dual VGA & SVGA)
Separate input mode for Video
Detailed Info

DC Input: DC 5V, 1000mA, Approx. 5W
Display Panel:  800 x 600 pixels LCoS, 0.49" Micro displays
24 bit full colour analogue interface to LCD
RCA 2 Video input (Left, Right)
15 pin D-SUB 2x PC input (Left, Right)
Operating Temperature: 0C ~ 45C


Price: Ask


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