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C-Pen Original
APCMAG PC IT 99 Sydney Winner

PC Week Best of COMDEX Finalist

Winner of the 1999 European IST Grand Prize IST 99 Grand Prize





The handheld computer that will totally change the way
you collect, study and use information.

C Pen is a personal Digital Assistant that reads, stores, processes and transfers printed text cordlessly to and from your PC. C Pen combines a digital camera, and a powerful computer with 8 Mb of flash memory, yet weighs no more than 100 grams.

C Pen communicates with your PC via a built in infrared interface. When C Pen is close to your IR equipped PC, it is recognized as a standard drive. Save up to 3,000 pages of text in your C Pen. Reading speed is up to 100 characters per second.

NOTE: If you do not have an infrared port on your computer, you will need to purchase an infrared adapter

C Pen has an integrated suite of tools designed to increase your productivity. From a fully functioned OCR text scanner, to a contacts manager, language translation features, and even a range of security options, C Pen will provide you with the tools to get the job done.



A fully functional digital camera facilitates the reading of text at a rate of up to 100 characters per second. These images are translated into text via sophisticated OCR software before being processed and stored in the C Pen's sophisticated flash memory. C Pen has 8 Mb of flash memory which means that up to 3,000 pages of text can be stored direct in the C Pen.

C Address
C Address is a fully functional contacts manager that interfaces directly with Microsoft outlook. Contacts can be scanned direct into C Contact via a well designed interface. Up to 1,000 contacts can be stored in Microsoft Outlook. Contacts can be synchronized between the C Pen and Microsoft Outlook.

C Dictionary
C Dictionary is an additional software package that can be downloaded from C Technologies web site ( www.cpen.com ) Each software package contains a full sized two way Oxford or Norstendts dictionary text.

Download a dictionary

C Direct
C Direct allows direct scanning from written text to a Microsoft application. Simply Move the C Pen over the text you want to collect, Point the C Pen at the infrared adapter, and the scanned text will be placed directly at the cursor in any windows application

C Write
Us the C Pen in much the same way as an ordinary pen to "write" files direct into a computer text format. This function will ensure easy file lookup and fast entry of words to be translated.

C Message
C Message is an application, which make it possible to send a fax, e-mail and SMS messages from your C Pen via your IR equipped mobile phone. The text is created in the C Pen and then transferred to the mobile phone via the infrared transmitter in the C Pen. It is possible to put your company logo or any other picture of your choice in the sending form. Store contact names, e-mail messages and fax numbers in C Address, which is upon request directly transferred into the message sending form. C Message works with phones with infrared support and a built in fax-modem, e.g. Ericsson 888 & MC218 and Nokia 9XX0 communicators.

pdficon.gif (224 bytes) New C-Pen Manual for OS 2.12 [500kb]

pdficon.gif (224 bytes) C Message information [185kb] 






C-Pen 200


150 x 38 x 23 mm

140 x 35 x 24 mm


100 g (including battery)

80 g (including battery)


100 MHz

100 MHz


1 Mb

512 kb

Flash Memory

8 Mb

2 Mb


Rechargeable battery pack

2 x AAA

Battery capacity

2 weeks normal use

2 weeks normal use


4 rows

2 rows

Reading speed

15 cm/s

15 cm/s


Memory capacity

3000 pages
1000 addresses

100 pages
250 addresses

Character size limit

7 - 20 point

7 - 20 point

C Read, C Address
C Direct, C Write,
C Pen Edit, OCR



C Message Storage


C Dictionary Optional  

Operating System


Password security

Yes Yes




Integrating into
Windows Explorer




* Latest C-Pen Windows Software 3.0 [6.3 MB]
* C-Pen Original Operating System Upgrade 
[1.55 Mb]
* C-Pen Windows Software 2.03 [2.69 Mb]
* C-Pen Windows Software 2.01 [2.89 Mb]
* C Message: Makes your C-Pen send Fax, SMS and email via SMS 
[990 kb]
* C Barcode: This is a Demo that makes your C-Pen read any barcode you want [161kb]
pdficon.gif (224 bytes) New C-Pen Manual for OS 2.12 [500kb]
pdficon.gif (224 bytes) C Message information [185kb] 


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