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Low-cost, six degrees-of-freedom tracker with a flat transmitter for ease of use and placement. Designed specifically for integration into OEM products.


  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Virtual Reality Simulations



Flexible transmitter design
  • Accommodates your transmitter layout
Multiple sensor tracking with single electronics unit
  • Tracks up to 4 sensors per electronics unit
OEM designed
  • We supply you with boards, sensors and instructions to integrate into your product



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Degrees of freedom: 6 (Position & Orientation)
Translational range: Configuration dependent.
Angular range: Unlimited: ± 180° in azimuth & roll; ± 90° in elevation.
Update rate: 120/ second for one sensor; 60/ second for each of two; 30 per second for each of four.
Outputs: X, Y, Z position, Euler angles, rotation matrix or quaternions.
Interface ISA bus
Software: Source code in C provided. Commands are compatible with existing Bird and Flock of Birds products.
Electrical noise interference: Operating frequency is changeable under software control to reduce interference from CRTs and other noise sources.
Proximity to other SpacePads: Up to eight transmitters may operate near one another.
Number of sensors/card: Up to four.
Sensor size: 3.3cm x 2.8cm x 2.03cm with 3.05m cable.
Number of transmitters: Up to two.
Power: 5V @ 0.5A, + 12V @ 1.1A, -12V @ 0.06A from the ISA bus.
Environmental: 0 to 60° C, 95% non-condensing humidity.
ISA card 34.1cm x 11.4cm x 1.3cm single-slot card with 16-bit edge connector.


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