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Nest of Birds™


Nest of Birds




The Nest of Birds simultaneously tracks the position and orientation of up to 4 sensors, providing high speed, accurate tracking data. Plugging directly into a USB or RS-232 interface, the Nest's installation CD lets you get up and running fast! Ascension's DC magnetic tracking technology allows the Nest to accurately track with minimal interference by conductive metals.


  • Head/Hand/Body Tracking
    • Virtual Reality
    • Simulation & Training
    • Scientific Visualization
    • Entertainment
    • Telerobotics/Telepresence
  • CAVE Environments
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Biomechanical/ Human Factors Analysis
  • Rehabilitative Feedback & Assessment
  • 3D Graphics Control & Manipulation


Pulsed DC magnetic tracking
  • Virtually no line of sight restrictions.

  • Five times less susceptible to distortion caused by nearby metal than AC technology.
Dedicated processor for each sensor
  • Highest measurement rates regardless of number of sensors tracked.
USB Interface
  • Fast output with minimum latency.
Multiple configurations
  • Track up to 4 sensors in real time.
Small chassis with built-in power supply
  • Compact design takes up minimal room on desktop.
Installation CD
  • Fast set up with plug-and-play capability.



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Degrees of Freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Number of Sensors: Up to 4
Translation range: ± 91.44cm m in any direction
Angular range: All Attitude: ±180° Azimuth & Roll; ±90° Elevation
Static Accuracy
1.8mm RMS
Static Accuracy Orientation*: 0.5° RMS
Static Resolution Position: 0.5mm  @ 30.5cm
Static Resolution Orientation: 0.1° @ 30.5cm
Update rate: Up to 105 measurements/ sec 
Outputs: X,Y,Z positional coordinates and orientation angles, rotation matrix or quaternions
Interface: USB or RS-232
Format: Binary
Modes: Point
Transmitter: 9.6cm cube with 3.05m cable
Sensor: 25mm x 25mm x 20mm cube (or optional 3-button mouse) with 3m cable
Chassis: 166mm x 170mm x 393mm
Power: 110/220 V
Environment: Conductive and ferrous metal objects and stray magnetic fields in the operation volume will degrade performance.
*Accuracy verified over range from 20.3cm to 76.2cm at constant orientation.


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