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miniBIRD® 500 & 800






miniBIRD offers full functionality of our other DC magnetic trackers, with miniaturized sensors as small as 5mm wide. The miniBIRD 800 is also available as an ISA-based configuration that supports simultaneous tracking of two 8mm sensors.


  • 3D image rendering in ultrasound
  • Measurement of anatomical structure and function
  • Laproscope, endoscope, and surgical instrument tracking and placement
  • Intrabody navigation, localization and guidance
  • Real-time simulation and visualization
  • Monitoring of human and animal motion for biomechanical analysis


Miniaturized Sensors
  • Excellent for internal measurements.
Pulsed DC magnetic technology
  • Minimal sensitivity to metal. (Medical grade stainless steel does not affect tracker).

  • Five times less susceptible to distortion caused by nearby metal than AC technology.
6 degrees-of-freedom
  • Unrestricted range of motion.
1-4 sensors with dedicated processors
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple sensors with highest measurement rates.
Proven technology
  • Seamless integration.
Proven technology
  • Seamless integration.
Proven technology
  • Seamless integration.



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Degrees of freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Translation range*: Model 800: ±76.2cm in any direction
Model 500: ±45.7cm in any direction
Angular range: All Attitude: ±180° Azimuth & Roll, ±90° Elevation
Static Accuracy: Position: 1.8mm RMS
Orientation: 0.5° RMS
Static Resolution: Position: 0.5mm
Orientation: 0.1° @ 30.5cm
Measurement rate: Up to 120 measurements/second regardless of number of sensors
Outputs: X, Y, Z positional coordinates and orientation angles, rotation matrix, or quaternions
Data Format: Binary
Modes: Point or stream
Transmitter: 9.6cm cube with 3m cable
Sensor: 18mm x 8mm x 8mm (l x w x h)
with 3 meter cable for Model 800;
10mm x 5mm x 5mm for Model 500
Electronics Unit: 24cm x 29cm x 6.6cm (Stand-alone Model)
24cm x 11.6cm x 19.05cm (ISA Card Model)
Power: External plug-in: US/European version
Environment: Metal objects and stray magnetic fields in the operation volume will degrade performance.
* Accuracy verified over range from 20.3cm to 76.2cm


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