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Miniaturized Sensors for IntraBody Navigation and Localization

Locating medical instruments in 3D space is a key requirement for image-guided procedures.

With that knowledge, clinicians can display an overlay of instrument coordinates onto pre-operative scans or real-time images. They also can guide tools to anatomical targets for intervention and delivery of therapeutic agents. Combined with imaging modalities, the tracker lets clinicians "see" through the patient for internal guidance and navigation.

Because targeting devices must function within the human body and be metal tolerant, there is an emerging need for new tracking technology. It must be accurate, unobtrusive and unaffected by line-of-sight or environmental issues.

microBIRDis a new Ascension tracker that meets these requirements.

Features include 6 DOF DC magnetic tracker with a sensor diameter of just 1.8 mm - small enough for insertion into 7 French catheters. It also offers conductive metal immunity. microBIRD provides precise, instantaneous tip localization of biomedical instruments.

Designed primarily for medical device manufacturers, microBIRD may not be incorporated into a customer's medical systems until all pertinent FDA and other regulatory approvals are attained.


  • Intra-body navigation
  • Computer-assisted procedures
  • RF ablation
  • Image-guided intervention and therapies
  • Robotically-controlled surgery
  • 3D Ultrasound
  • Electrophysiology
  • Brachytherapy
  • Telerobotics and telesurgery


6DOF Tracking
  • Full six degrees-of-freedom localizer - a hard requirement for needle-guided procedures. Roll angles is always measured with no penalty on sensor size.
Advanced New Tracking Technology for Precise Measurements
  • New signal processing electronics and improved sensor technology provide excellent tracking stability and better than 1.5mm accuracy. Multiple transmitter options, metal detection and noise reduction tools make sure that environmental factors do not affect the tracking accuracy. Measurements highly repeatable for re-positioning purposes.
Metal Tolerance
  • No distortion due to the proximity of
    conductive metals, such as 300-series stainless
    steel and titanium - common metals present in
    surgical tools and equipment.
No Occlusions
  • microBIRD transmits position and orientation data over a full range of movement even when sensors are embedded in instruments or the human body. No occlusion or line of sight restrictions.
3D Tracking without Ionizing Radiation
  • Real-time guidance of instruments and delivery devices without radiation exposure or reliance on 2D X-ray imaging. microBIRD offers a new option when radiation techniques are not acceptable, such as radio-frequency ablation cases.
  • microBIRD is available now at a fraction of the cost of competing trackers for medical imaging. Sensors are configurable for reposibility and disposability.


Degrees of Freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Translation Range : 20 cm min to 71 cm max X, ± 30 cm Y,Z. Forward hemisphere
Angular Range: All Attitude: ± 180° Azimuth & Roll; ±90° Elevation
Static Accuracy: 1.4 mm RMS position
0.5 degree RMS angular
Static Resolution Position: 0.05 mm at 30.5 cm
Static Resolution Orientation: 0.1° @ 30.5 cm
Update Rate: Up to 90 measurements/second
Outputs: X,Y,Z positional coordinates, orientation angle, or orientation matrix
Interface: PCI v.2.1 compliant. Requires disc drive power connector to meet power needs
Data Format: Binary data records
Communication: Ascension supplied Windows API
  • Sensor max OD 1.8 mm
  • Sensor max length 8.4 mm
  • Cable length 2 meters
  • Ascension Medi-Mag cable, USP class 6 jacket material
  • Cable 0.9 mm max OD
  • USP class 6 epoxy sensor housing
  • USP 6 polyester protective wrap (bare sensor only)
  • Maximum temperature 150°C
  • Sensor assembly and cable materials are EtO, gamma, and cold sterilant tolerant
  • Semiconductor devices in connector are not gamma shielded and may be damaged or erased if exposed to Gamma radiation
PCI Card: Standard full-length board (312 mm x 107 mm)
Power: +12V at 1.85 amps nominal standard transmitter, 2.5A max +5V, 2A nominal
Operating Temp: 15° C to 35° C; 95% non-condensing humidity.
Environment: Metal objects and stray magnetic fields in the operation volume may degrade performance. Contact us for available tools and configurations to mitigate such effects.
Warm-up: System requires 5-minute warm-up for full accuracy


Price: Ask


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