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Flock of Birds Class B


Flock of Birds Class B




Ascension's new Class B Flock is a regulatory-compliant version of the popular Flock of Birds DC magnetic tracker. The tracker is housed in a metallic enclosure with appropriate modifications to fully meet IEC 60601 part 1 and part 2. Use it to track the position and orientation in real time of instruments including ultrasound probes. Tracking accuracy is unaffected by the nearby presence of conductive metals including aluminum and stainless steel.


  • 3D image reconstruction in ultrasound
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical instrument tracking
  • Quantitative measurement


Pulsed DC magnetic technology
  • Five times less susceptible to distortion caused by conductive metal than AC technology.
  • Occlusion-free tracking
Class B certified
  • Compliant with electrical, EMI and safety standards
Quantitative measurement
  • Improves diagnostic capability.
6 degrees-of-freedom
  • Unrestricted range of motion.



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Translation range: 1.2m (4') in any direction
Angular range: 180 Azimuth & Roll 90 Elevation
Static Accuracy Position*: 1.8mm (0.07") RMS
Static Accuracy Orientation*: 0.5 RMS
Static Resolution Position: 0.5mm (0.02") @ 30.5cm (12")
Static Resolution Orientation: 0.1 @ 30.5cm (12")
Measurement rate: Up to 144 measurements/second
Outputs: X,Y,Z positional coordinates and orientation angles, or rotation matrix
Interface: RS-232C
Format: Binary
Transmitter: Standard Transmitter: 9.6cm (3.75") cube with 3.05m (10') cable
Sensor: 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 20.3mm (1.0" x 13.0" x 0.8") cube with 3.05m (10') cable
Enclosure: 5.0cm x 27.9cm x 22.9cm (2" x 11" x 9")
Power: Medical grade
Operating Temp: 10C to 40C (50F to 104F)
Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
*Accuracy verified over range from 20.3cm to 76.2cm.


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